1. Which president was crippled by polio?
  2. To what office did John F. Kennedy appoint his younger brother?
  3. In 1961, what did Kennedy call on America to achieve in the next decade?
  4. About which President did Dorothy Parker, when told of his death, say 'How could they tell?' ?
  5. Which President began his working life as a sports commentator?
  6. Which President withdrew American troops from Vietnam?
  7. What was Jimmy Carter's family business?
  8. Who was the only man to become Vice President and President without being elected to either post?
  9. Who said: 'Read my lips. No new taxes!'?
  10. Two Presidents have been assassinated this century. One was Kennedy; who was the other?
  11. The 27th President (1900-1913) was the heaviest President of all time. Who was he?
  12. Where was Bill Clinton born?
  13. Which President renamed 'Shangri-la' as 'Camp David' after his grandson?
  14. Who said in his inaugural speech 'The only thing we have to fear is fear itself'?
  15. Which President was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1919?
  16. The 1981 attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan took place as he left which hotel?
  17. 'Ask not what your country can do for you ..' Complete this quotation from Kennedy's inaugural address?
  18. About what did President Bush say, 'A line has been drawn in the sand'?
  19. What was the name given to the economics of the Reagan era?
  20. Who was the independent candidate in the 1992 presidential campaign?
  21. In a time of rising inflation, who called on Congress to 'bite the bullet'?
  22. In Gerald R. Ford's name, what did the initial R. stand for?
  23. Which President, early this century, was called the 'Great Engineer' and then later, when his policies failed to work, the 'President Reject'?
  24. Which state did Harry S. Truman represent before his elevation?
  25. What was the name of President Eisenhower's wife?



  1. Roosevelt
  2. Attorney General
  3. Land the first man on the moon
  4. Calvin Coolidge
  5. Ronald Reagan
  6. Richard Nixon
  7. Wholesale peanut business
  8. Gerald Ford
  9. George Bush
  10. William McKinley
  11. William H. Taft
  12. Hope, Arkansas
  13. Dwight D. Eisenhower
  14. Franklin D. Roosevelt
  15. Woodrow Wilson
  16. Washington Hilton
  17. "...ask what you can do for your country"
  18. Iraq's invasion of Kuwait
  19. Reaganomics
  20. Ross Perot
  21. Lyndon Johnson
  22. Rudolph
  23. Herbert Hoover
  24. Missouri
  25. Mamie

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