1. With which art movement do you associate Arp, Duchamp and Schwitters?

2. Correggio's famous work 'The Assumption of the Virgin' can be see on the cupola of the cathedral of which Italian city?

3. Which Japanese master artist and printmaker was responsible for 'The Breaking Wave off Kanagawa' and 'Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji'?

4. 'Susannah and the Elders' and 'Flight into Egypt' are works of which late Renaissance painter of the Venetian school?

5. Name the American illustrator, noted for his illustrations of buxom girls and particularly for his World War One recruiting poster of a pointing Uncle Sam?

6. In which Italian city is Da Vinci's famous fresco painting 'The Last Supper' to be found?

7. 'The Marriage at Cana' and 'The Adoration of the Kings' are works of which major painter of the 16th-century Venetian school?

8. In which European city is the Kunsthistorisches museum which houses collections of fine art?

9. What nationality was the artist Jan Vermeer?

10. Which English painter was famous for his scenes of the industrial north with their matchstick figures?

11. What is the name of 15th-century Florentine painter which loosely translates as 'Big Tom' or 'Clumsy Tom'?

12. And which Florentine artist's name literally translates as 'Little barrel'?

13. Which painter is best remembered for his portraits of the leading figures of the American Revolution and as the founder of the first major museum in the US?

14. What name was given to the group of German artists founded in Germany in 1905 that included Ernst Kirchner, Erich Heckel and Fritz Bleyl?

15. And which art movement was founded in Munich in 1911 and whose founding members were Franz Marc and Wassily Kandinsky?



1. Dada

2. Parma

3. Hokusai

4. Jacopo Bassano

5. James Montgomery Flagg

6. Milan

7. Paolo Veronese

8. Vienna

9. Dutch

10. L.S. Lowry

11. Masaccio

12. Botticelli

13. Charles Willson Peale

14. Die Brücke (or The Bridge)

15. Der Blaue Reiter (or The Blue Rider)