1. Which country did Abba come from?

2. Which 70's pop movie with John Travolta released in 1998?

3. Which band did Diana Ross leave at the start of the decade? 

4. T Rex was led by which singer?

5. What colour was was Debbie Harry's hair which named her band?

6. Maggie May provided who with his first No.1?

7. Kiki Dee's biggest 70s hit was with whom?

8. Where did Supertramp have Breakfast in 1979?

9. Who was lead singer with the Boomtown Rats?

10. Who cleaned Wimbledon Common and cleaned up the charts in '74?

11. What went with Peaches in the 70's charts?

12. Who had a posthumous hit with Way Down?

13. Song for whom was Elton John's first instrumental hit?

14. Which World Cup football squad did Rod Stewart have a hit with?

15. Which Rollers had two No.1's in 1975?

16. Who had a single hit from the album Bat Out of Hell?

17. Izhar Cohen and Alphabeta won Eurovision for which country? 

18. Which brothers included Wayne, Donny and Little Jimmy?

19. Whose first hit was Wuthering Heights?

20. Which 70s B Side for Queen became a football anthem?

21. Which Abba hit first became the name of an Alan Partridge spoof?

22. Which Gary's first hit was Tubeway Army?

23. Which hostel did the Village People visit in the 70s?

24. How many performers made up The Carpenters?

25. Which soccer side had a hit with I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles?

26. Tubular Bells is credited with establishing which record label?

27. Which band were Part of the Union?

28. Which Bryan founded Roxy Music?

29. Who celebrated his Ding-A-Ling in song?

30. Who had the last 70s Xmas No.1 with Another Brick in the Wall?


1. Sweden

2. Grease

3. The Supremes

4. Marc Bolan

5. Blonde

6. Rod Stewart

7. Elton John

8. America

9. Bob Geldof

10. The Wombles

11. Herb

12. Elvis Presley

13. Guy

14. Scottish

15. Bay City Rollers

16. Meat Loaf

17. Israel

18. Osmond

19. Kate Bush

20. We Are the Champions

21. Knowing Me Knowing You

22. Numan

23. YMCA

24. Two

25. West Ham

26. Virgin

27. Strawbs

28. Ferry

29. Chuck Berry

30. Pink Floyd