Anyone But You Quiz


  1. Who stars as Ben in “Anyone But You”?

    • A. Zoey Deutch
    • B. Glen Powell
    • C. Darren Barnet
    • D. Kurt Russell
  2. Which Shakespeare play is “Anyone But You” loosely adapted from?

    • A. Romeo and Juliet
    • B. Hamlet
    • C. Much Ado About Nothing
    • D. A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  3. Who plays Bea in the film?

    • A. Sydney Sweeney
    • B. Emma Stone
    • C. Melanie Griffith
    • D. Alexandra Shipp
  4. What is Ben’s profession in the movie?

    • A. Lawyer
    • B. Doctor
    • C. Finance bro
    • D. Chef
  5. Where do Ben and Bea reunite after their initial meeting?

    • A. At a bar
    • B. At a concert
    • C. At a wedding in Australia
    • D. At a coffee shop
  6. Who are the siblings dating in the movie, leading to Ben and Bea’s reunion?

    • A. Bea’s brother and Ben’s sister
    • B. Pete’s sister and Bea’s sister
    • C. Ben’s brother and Bea’s cousin
    • D. Pete’s brother and Bea’s friend
  7. What classic film stars does Glen Powell’s performance get compared to?

    • A. Cary Grant
    • B. Kurt Russell
    • C. Humphrey Bogart
    • D. Tom Hanks
  8. What is a key theme of the romantic comedy “Anyone But You”?

    • A. Revenge
    • B. Communication and emotional vulnerability
    • C. Crime solving
    • D. Supernatural events
  9. Which song is referred to as Ben’s “serenity song”?

    • A. “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield
    • B. “Yesterday” by The Beatles
    • C. “Let It Be” by The Beatles
    • D. “Halo” by Beyoncé
  10. How does the film’s final declaration of love differ from traditional romantic comedies?

    • A. It includes a public proposal.
    • B. It focuses on an ultimatum for the couple to be together.
    • C. It emphasizes wishing the best for the loved one, regardless of the future.
    • D. It involves a dramatic breakup.


  1. B. Glen Powell
  2. C. Much Ado About Nothing
  3. A. Sydney Sweeney
  4. C. Finance bro
  5. C. At a wedding in Australia
  6. B. Pete’s sister and Bea’s sister
  7. B. Kurt Russell
  8. B. Communication and emotional vulnerability
  9. A. “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield
  10. C. It emphasises wishing the best for the loved one, regardless of the future.



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