Baby Reindeer Netflix


  1. Who is the creator and star of Baby Reindeer?

    • A. Donny Dunn
    • B. Richard Gadd
    • C. Christopher Hudspeth
    • D. Tom Goodman-Hill
  2. What type of relationship develops between Donny and Martha?

    • A. Romantic
    • B. Professional
    • C. Stalker-victim
    • D. Sibling
  3. Which actress portrays Martha in the series?

    • A. Jessica Gunning
    • B. Nava Mau
    • C. Laura Linney
    • D. Kate Winslet
  4. What genre does Baby Reindeer blend together?

    • A. Action and Adventure
    • B. Comedy and Drama
    • C. Horror and Mystery
    • D. Sci-Fi and Fantasy
  5. How many episodes are there in Baby Reindeer?

    • A. Five
    • B. Six
    • C. Seven
    • D. Eight
  6. What previous work by Richard Gadd inspired the series Baby Reindeer?

    • A. A novel
    • B. A podcast
    • C. An award-winning one-man play
    • D. A stand-up comedy special
  7. Who plays Teri, the American therapist in the series?

    • A. Jessica Gunning
    • B. Nava Mau
    • C. Emma Watson
    • D. Maya Rudolph
  8. How is stalking typically portrayed on television, according to Richard Gadd?

    • A. As a crime of passion
    • B. As a misunderstood relationship
    • C. As sexed-up and mystique-laden
    • D. As a legal drama
  9. What aspect of Baby Reindeer did Richard Gadd find particularly challenging?

    • A. Writing the script
    • B. Filming in multiple locations
    • C. Playing a fictionalised version of himself
    • D. Casting the characters
  10. How does Jessica Gunning approach her portrayal of Martha?

    • A. By focusing on Martha’s villainous traits
    • B. By highlighting Martha’s humanity and complexity
    • C. By making Martha appear comically absurd
    • D. By downplaying Martha’s significance


  1.  B. Richard Gadd
  2.  C. Stalker-victim
  3.  A. Jessica Gunning
  4.  B. Comedy and Drama
  5.  C. Seven
  6.  C. An award-winning one-man play
  7.  B. Nava Mau
  8.  C. As sexed-up and mystique-laden
  9.  C. Playing a fictionalised version of himself
  10.  B. By highlighting Martha’s humanity and complexity



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