Children’s Pot Luck – General knowledge 14 (15 Questions)

Childrens Pot Luck - General Knowledge 14

15 Quiz Questions

  1. In “How To Rock” on Nickelodeon what is the band named that Kasey Simon is in?
  2. On “Victorious”, what type of teacher isĀ Mr. Sikowitz?
  3. Who were the two old men who always sat in the balcony above the stage on “The Muppet Show”?
  4. In the famous show about a sponge and his underwater friends who is SpongeBob most likely to annoy with his crazy laugh?
  5. In which show could you sing along to, ‘Funky Punky Rocker‘, ‘Cow Groove‘, and ‘E.N.E.R.G.Y.’?
  6. William, Larry, Tanya are all characters of which program featuring a Bird in the title?
  7. In the “Suite Life” episode “The Sweet Smell of Excess“, what is the name of Esteban’s new “personality”?
  8. Big cheese was the villain in which cartoon?
  9. In the movie ‘Peter Panwho is Captain Hook’s pirate-buddy?
  10. Which children’s science show aired from 1980-1988 and featured a group of child detectives known as The Bloodhound Gang?
  11. Which kids’ television shows was first an animated movie in 1961, a live action movie in 1996, and produced as an animated kids’ series in 1997?
  12. On “Austin & Ally” on Disney Channel, in what city do Austin, Ally, and the gang live?
  13. On the retired series “True Jackson VP”, True has a crush on who?
  14. Which colour is the name of a popular character in “Fraggle Rock”?
  15. Who sang the theme song “The Best of Both Worlds” for the phenomenal show “Hannah Montana“?

Quiz Answers

  1. Gravity 5
  2. Acting
  3. Statler and Waldorf
  4. Squidward
  5. Hi-5
  6. That’s So Raven
  7. Estebanita
  8. Samurai Pizza Cats
  9. Smee
  10. 3-2-1 Contact
  11. 101 Dalmatians
  12. Miami
  13. Jimmy
  14. Red
  15. Miley Cyrus

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