Children’s Pot Luck – General Knowledge 17 (15 Questions)

Childrens Pot Luck - General Knowledge 17

15 Quiz Questions

  1. What state did Big Time Rush come from?
  2. In “Horrid Henry“, what is the name of Henry’s best friend?
  3. What show does Colin Lasseter host on “Hannah Montana?”
  4. The name of this children’s show contains the name’s of the two characters, it is called “Toopy and ____”.
  5. Which character┬áis a squirrel on “HigglyTown Heroes“?
  6. What is strange about Oobi?
  7. She’s a rebel, wants to go to “L Squared“, is going to make a band, and doesn’t like “Double E’s
  8. In the TV show ‘Catdog’ what are Dog’s favorite foods?
  9. Which children’s science show hosted by Don Herbert aired on Nickelodeon from 1983-1990?
  10. What variety show, targeting children, first appeared in 1988 and was set in a bowling alley?
  11. How old is Chyna Parks in the first episode of “A.N.T. Farm”?
  12. On “ANT Farm”, who is the artist (as in painting) on the farm?
  13. Here is a description of one of the characters in “Tweenies”, a British TV series. He or she has orange skin and wears a yellow mohawk hairstyle. Who is it?
  14. What show is about three schoolkids who appear to be normal but are really spies who save the world from many potential harms?
  15. What colour is Barney’s tummy?

Quiz Answers

  1. Minnesota
  2. Ralph
  3. The Real Deal
  4. Binoo
  5. Fran
  6. He is just a hand with eyes.
  7. Angel – Lizzie McGuire
  8. tacos with hot sauce
  9. Mr. Wizard’s World
  10. 2 Hip 4 TV
  11. eleven
  12. Fletcher
  13. Jake
  14. M.I. High
  15. Green

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