Children’s Pot Luck – General Knowledge 19 (15 Questions)

Childrens Pot Luck - General Knowledge 19

15 Quiz Questions

  1. Which children’s science show ran from 2008-2013 and featured a digital child puppet created by the Jim Henson Company?
  2. Which superhero group, that has starred in numerous animated series, is comprised of the Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic, and The Thing?
  3. In “Good Luck Charlie” who works regularly at Quikki Chikki?
  4. On “Shake It Up“, who is the host for “Shake it Up Chicago“?
  5. The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss” was a U.S. live action/ puppet TV series. What is a wubble?
  6. What sitcom talk show can be seen on “Dancing With the Stars?”
  7. Diego is Dora’s cousin and he has his own adventure show called “Go, Diego, Go“. What is the name of the sidekick Diego travels around the jungle with, rescuing animals in trouble?
  8. What show had a character called T-Bone in it?
  9. In the cartoon version of “The Tick” what speed is faster than light?
  10. The only subject she’s not good at is shop, she’s the principal’s assistant, and she’s been Student of the Month practically forever.
  11. On the show ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ what is the name of Sabrina’s cat?
  12. Which educational children’s program aired from 1971-1977 and shares its name with one of the utilities from the board game “Monopoly”?
  13. What is the name of a purple-green dinosaur “from our imagination”?
  14. What is Ravi’s giant lizard’s name in “Jessie”?
  15. On “Good Luck Charlie“, who is the Duncan family’s mean neighbor?

Quiz Answers

  1. Sid the Science Kid
  2. Fantastic Four
  3. P.J.
  4. Gary Wilde
  5. A type of unicycle
  6. Dance Center
  7. Baby Jaguar
  8. Clifford the Big Red Dog
  9. Speed of lint
  10. Ren – Even Stevens
  11. Salem
  12. The Electric Company
  13. Barney
  14. Mr. Kipling
  15. Mrs. Dabney

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