Children’s Pot Luck – General knowledge 7 (15 Questions)

Childrens Pot Luck - General Knowledge 7

15 Quiz Questions

  1. What show had the characters Lizzie, Sister Bear and Cousin Fred?
  2. There is a show on Noggin starring a cow. What is her name?
  3. Combine this underwater creature, the name Bob, a shape, and a type of clothing and what television show do you get?
  4. In the Maurice Sendak story ‘WhereThe Wild Things Are’, what kind of suit is Max wearing when he gets in trouble?
  5. Who was the fattest of the “Poddington Peas”?
  6. Who Said “And stuck itself upon his wrist with secrets that it hid Now he’s got super powers, he’s no ordinary kid
  7. On the show “Drake and Josh”, what is Drake’s and Megan’s last name?
  8. Which character from “Adventure Time” says phrases like: “Algebraic” and “Mathematical?”
  9. Who are the main seven characters on “Victorious”?
  10. In “Tintin” what is the name of Tintin’s dog?
  11. On “iCarly,” Spencer is able to book his band on what hit show?
  12. In this television show the main characters are a brother and sister. The sister’s name is Ruby and she tends to be a bit bossy towards her brother – what is the his name?
  13. What show was about a dog who leaves her paw prints on clues to get the answer to something?
  14. What kind of pet does Oswald have on “Oswald”?
  15. Combine something equal or the same with the name Stevens and what show do you get?

Quiz Answers

  1. Berenstein Bears
  2. Connie
  3. SpongeBob SquarePants
  4. Wolf
  5. Dump-Pea
  6. Ben 10
  7. Parker
  8. Finn
  9. Tori, Andre, Robbie, Trina, Cat, Beck, and Jade
  10. Snowy
  11. Seattle Beat
  12. Max
  13. Blue’s Clues
  14. dog
  15. Even StevensĀ 

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