Children’s Pot Luck – Pokemon General Knowledge 10 (10 Questions)

Children's Pot Luck - Pokémon General Knowledge 10

10 Quiz Questions

  1. When does Igglypuff evolve from Igglybuff?
  2. What Pokémon do Team Rocket throw into the Pokémon Centre to attack those inside?
  3. Diglett is a Pokémon that is well known for its ability to tunnel underground. What is the evolved form of Diglett?
  4. If Eevee is happy during the daytime, which Pokémon will it evolve into?
  5. What is the Pokedex?
  6. This Pokémon is an electric type. It is known as the gleaming eyes
  7. In it’s final stage of evolution. It is black, blue and yellow. Who’s that Pokémon?
  8. What animal is Onix?
  9. What is the evolved form of Vulpix?
  10. What are Eevee’s ‘new’ evolutions?

Quiz Answers

  1. When they reach their Happiness Quota
  2. Koffing and Ekans
  3. Dugtrio
  4. Espeon
  5. A list of all the Pokemon species
  6. Luxray
  7. Snake
  8. Ninetales
  9. Leafeon and Glaceon
  10. Beautifly

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