Children’s Pot Luck – Pokemon General Knowledge 12 (10 Questions)

Children's Pot Luck - Pokémon General Knowledge 12

10 Quiz Questions

  1. Which Pokémon is used to regenerate electricity and light up the Pokémon Centre?
  2. Some Pokémon have the advantage of flying high in the sky, peering down upon their foes below. Which of the following Pokémon (Farfetch’d/Pidgeot/Electabuzz/Fearow) does NOT have the ability to fly?
  3. What is the usual colour of a Pokeball?
  4. This is a fire type Pokémon and it is in the Johto region. It is a starter Pokémon and at its first stage of evolution. Who’s that Pokémon?
  5. It is reported that 12.5% of the Snorlax population is female. How would you tell if you spotted a girl Snorlax?
  6. What does Abra look like?
  7. Who proposed to Misty in “Misty Meets Her Match”?
  8. What is the first evolved form of Geodude?
  9. How does Mime Jr. evolve?
  10. What does a Lotad evolve into?

Quiz Answers

  1. Pikachu
  2. Electabuzz
  3. Red and white
  4. Cyndaquil
  5. You couldn’t tell – Snorlax boys and girls have no differences between them, they are all alike!
  6. Fox – Abra is Yellow/Orange
  7. Rudy
  8. Graveler
  9. Levels Up with Mimic
  10. Lombre

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