Children’s Pot Luck – Pokemon General Knowledge 14 (10 Questions)

Children's Pot Luck - Pokémon General Knowledge 14

10 Quiz Questions

  1. What is Jigglypuff’s highest attribute?
  2. Finally Ash uses another Pokémon. What is the first attack he orders Caterpie to use?
  3. Whilst trying to catch this wild Pokémon, Ash resorts to unorthodox methods of weakening it in a bid to catch it while Pikachu laughs at his attempts. Ash then throws a rock at the Pokémon, but hits another Pokémon instead: which Pokémon does he hit?
  4. What percentages does Machoke have for its gender distribution?
  5. Who helps Ash when he gets a really bad stomach ache in the Johto region?
  6. Who wanted to trade Ash’s Scraggy so her Pokémon Gothitelle could be happy?
  7. This Pokémon is found in the Johto region. It is black and at a base stage of evolution. It is a dark, flying type and it is a bird. Who’s that Pokémon?
  8. This Playful Pokémon, and the evolved form of Chimchar. It controls its flaming tail to keep its opponent at an ideal distance when battling.
  9. I am the male member of Team Rocket. I have purple hair and green eyes. I am evil a lot of the time, but sometimes I show a caring side. Who am I?
  10. What is the evolved form of Swampert?

Quiz Answers

  1. Hit Points
  2. String shot
  3. Spearow
  4. 75% male, 25% female
  5. Old Man Shuckle
  6. A Trainer called Katherine
  7. Murkrow
  8. Monferno
  9. James
  10. None – It doesn’t evolve

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