Children’s Pot Luck – Pokemon General Knowledge 16 (10 Questions)

10 Quiz Questions

  1. What was the name of the first Johto league badge Ash got?
  2. What city has a ‘Mysterious Blue Aura‘ surrounding it?
  3. What does Ash do to help his Pikachu in getting rid of Team Rocket?
  4. Which rather peculiar, supposedly coconut species of Pokémon is known for being the subject of a jingle along with Oddish?
  5. What does “Pokémon” mean in English?
  6. Who gifted Pikachu to Ash?
  7. This is a dragon type. It is a legendary Pokémon from Hoenn. This Pokémon is red and it can fly. It has one Pokémon that is similar to it. Who’s that Pokémon?
  8. What animal is Hoothoot?
  9. May left the show to pursue what independent Pokémon career?
  10. What is the evolved form of Meganium?

Quiz Answers

  1. Zephyr badge
  2. What city has a ‘Mysterious Blue Aura’ surrounding it?
  3. Helps Pikachu generate more electricity
  4. Exeggutor
  5. Pocket Monster
  6. Professor Oak
  7. Latias
  8. owl
  9. Coordinator
  10. It doesn’t evolve.



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