Children’s Pot Luck – Pokemon General Knowledge 19 (10 Questions)

10 Quiz Questions

  1. What was the first Pokémon to appear in the animated series?
  2. Which of these – Omanyte/Cloyster/Wartortle/Kabuto – is classified as a ‘Shellfish’ Pokémon?
  3. What does Ash’s new Pokémon do when Misty insults it?
  4. We see Ash, the protagonist of the series, talking in his sleep about which Pokémon he wants to pick from Professor Oak, and we see him dreaming about calling his chosen Pokémon to battle. Which Pokémon do we see him dream about first?
  5. Which – Bulbasaur/Charmander/Totodile/Squirtle – is not a Kanto starter?
  6. What was the first gym Ash ever challenged?
  7. What Pokémon did Ash use first against his battle with Skyla?
  8. This Pokémon is a dark and ice type. It is red, black and is at the second (final) stage of evolution. It has long sharp claws and is seen in the movie “Lucario and the Mystery of Mew“. Who’s that Pokémon?
  9. The Monkey Pokémon. It easily climbs the sheerest of walls and lives on mountain tops. When it sleeps, its flames go out.
  10. I was Ash’s very first Pokémon. Who am I?

Quiz Answers

  1. Gengar
  2. Kabuto
  3. It goes back into its pokeball
  4. Bulbasaur
  5. Totodile
  6. Pewter
  7. Krokorok
  8. Weavile
  9. Chimchar
  10. Pikachu


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