Children’s Pot Luck – Pokemon General Knowledge 20 (10 Questions)

10 Quiz Questions

  1. What type of Pokémon is Goldeen?
  2. What is the evolved form of Ekans?
  3. What does Pikachu evolve into?
  4. Which Pokémon would be the best choice to battle Espeon?
  5. What is Nidoranf’s third form?
  6. Which of the following moves – Flamethrower/Fire Spin/Fire Blast/ Fire Punch – is not known by Blaine’s Magmar?
  7. Ever since Misty knew about this Pokémon, she’s been determined to catch one of her own. What Pokémon is it?
  8. In the “Tower of Terror” episode what Pokémon did Ash catch?
  9. Name the last “Pokémon” in the evolution stage of Torchic – Combusken – ?
  10. Who is the Voice Actor that does Misty’s voice?

Quiz Answers

  1. Water
  2. Arbok
  3. Raichu
  4. Umbreon – When battling an Espeon, a Dark type like Umbreon is the best choice. Since Psychic doesn’t effect Dark, all of Espeons Psychic attacks wouldn’t work
  5. Nidoqueen
  6. Fire Spin
  7. Corsola
  8. He didn’t catch one.
  9. Blaziken
  10. Rachel Lillis


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