Historical Fashion Trends


    1. Which 18th-century fashion trend involved men and women wearing powdered wigs, often adorned with elaborate decorations such as ships and birds?
    2. What was the name of the 16th-century garment worn by both men and women, featuring a stiff, round collar that framed the face, commonly seen in Elizabethan England?
    3. Which Victorian-era accessory, designed to protect the skin from the sun, was often used by women to maintain a pale complexion considered fashionable at the time?
    4. In the early 20th century, which fashion item became a symbol of the flapper movement, characterised by its knee-length hemline and loose fit?
    5. What was the name of the exaggeratedly wide and padded shoulders fashion trend popularised by women’s suits in the 1940s?
    6. In the 1960s, which fashion designer is credited with popularising the miniskirt, a revolutionary garment that challenged traditional fashion norms?
    7. Which medieval fashion trend involved extremely long and pointed shoes, known as ‘crakows’ or ‘poulaines,’ that were often curled at the tips?
    8. During the Regency era, what was the name of the high-waisted dress style that became fashionable for women, inspired by classical Greek and Roman attire?
    9. In the late 19th century, which tight-fitting garment was worn by women to achieve an exaggerated hourglass figure, often causing health issues?
    10. What was the name of the 17th-century fashion for men, consisting of a long coat, waistcoat, and breeches, marking the transition from doublets and hose?


  1. The Rococo fashion trend.
  2. The ruff.
  3. The parasol.
  4. The flapper dress.
  5. Shoulder pads.
  6. Mary Quant.
  7. The poulaine shoes.
  8. The Empire line dress.
  9. The corset.
  10. The justaucorps suit.



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