Famous Celebrities - Trivia Quiz (30 questions)

1. Whose first husband was John Dunbar when she was 18?

2. Which photographer married Faye Dunaway in 1981?

3. Who announced her engagement to Riccardo Mazzucchelli in 1995?

4. What did Tara Palmer Tomlinson use to hide her modesty when posing nude with three friends? 

5. What relation is Eddie Murphy to Vernon Lynch?

6. Who was Mandy Smith's second husband?

7. Who owns the private zoos, Howletts and Port Lympne?

8. Which Tory MP did Maria-Bienvenida Perez Blanco marry?

9. Former deb Henrietta Tiarks became which Marchioness?

10. Who designed the deep blue, lingerie style dress Diana wore in New York in 1996?

11. Who was Duchess of York before Fergie?

12. Who designed Diana's dress when she danced with John Travolta at the White House?

13. Heller Toren is the mother of which blonde celeb?

14. Which title did Raine have before she married the late Earl Spencer?

15. Whose Regency home is Ray Mill House in Wiltshire?

16. What were Regan Gascoigne's step siblings called?

17. Who is famous for his 'wifelets'?

18. Who is Watford Grammar School's most famous old girl?

19. Who was Mick Jagger's best man when he married Bianca?

20. What is Tiggy Legge-Bourke's real first name?

21. Fergie was appointed Chancellor of which University?

22. Who founded the Pineapple Dance Studios in 1979?

23. Who discovered Jean Shrimpton in the 60s?

24. Queen Noor of Jordan studied for what profession before her marriage?

25. Who was the first wife of the ninth Earl Spencer?

26. Whose husbands were Alexander McCorquodale then his cousin Hugh?

27. Who was the most famous daughter of Major Bruce Shand?

28. Who replaced Claudia Schiffer as the face of Chanel?

29. Who became Dior's chief designer in 1996?

30. Which celebrity has collected teapots for over 30 years?



Famous Celebrity Quiz Answers

1. Marianne Faithful

2. Terry O'Neill

3. Ivana Trump

4. A handbag

5. Brothers

6. Pat van den Hauwe

7. John Aspinall

8. Sir Anthony Buck

9. Tavistock

10. John Galliano

11. The Queen Mother

12. Victor Edelstein

13. Paula Yates

14. Countess of Dartmouth

15. Camila Parker Bowles

16. Bianca & Mason

17. Marquess of Bath

18. Geri Halliwell

19. The Earl of Lichfield

20. Alexandra

21. Salford

22. Debbie Moore

23. David Bailey

24. Architect

25. Victoria Lockwood

26. Barbara Cartland

27. Camila Parker Bowles

28. Stella Tennant

29. John Galliano

30. Denise Van Outen