Movies: Tough Guys - General Knowledge (30 questions)


1. Which actor was nicknamed 'Bogey'?

2. Which actor Marlon was paid $18 million for nine minutes in Superman in 1978?

3. Which western star John first acted as Duke Morrison?

4. Which Samual starred as a gangster in Pulp Fiction?

5. Which Bruce starred in The Jackal?

6. Which soccer side does Evita actor Jimmy Nail support?

7. Tough guy Robert De Niro sand about New York in which film?

8. Which lager did Crocodile Dundee star Paul Hogan advertise?

9. Which Vietnam veteran Oliver directed Platoon?

10. Which star of The Godfather bought an island called Tetiaroa?

11. Which Martin was assigned to assassinate Brando in Apocalypse Now?

12. What did George C. Scott refuse to do about his Oscar for Patton?

13. Gene Hackman played cop Popeye Doyle in which classic thriller?

14. Which tough English actor Sean is the son of a former Dr. Who?

15. Which famous US family did Arnold Schwarzenegger marry into

16. Was Charles Bronson one of ten or fifteen children?

17. Is Bruce Willis a cop or a soldier in the Die Hard movies?

18. Which hell raiser Oliver released a single Lonely For A Girl in 1965? 

19. Lee Marvin headed a Dirty cast of how many in the 1967 movie?

20. Which singer who died in 1998 was the tough guy captain in Von Ryan's Express?

21. How many gunfighters were hired in The Magnificent film of 1960?

22. On what vehicle did Steve McQueen try to flee in The Great Escape?

23. Which Sylvester starred in Judge Dredd?

24. What is the first name of Reservoir Dogs director Tarantino?

25. Which tough guy Arnold has appeared on a postage stamp of Mali?

26. Which Mel starred in the Lethal Weapon series of films?

27. Which bare-headed actor was in The Magnificent Seven and The King and I?

28. Which Clint got the part in Dirty Harry when Sinatra pulled out?

29. Which James Bond has an actor son called Jason?

30. Was The Untouchables with Kevin Costner set in the 20s, 40s or 60s?



Movies: Tough Guys - General Knowledge Answers


1. Humphrey Bogart

2. Brando

3. John Wayne

4. Jackson

5. Willis

6. Newcastle Utd.

7. New York, New York

8. Fosters

9. Stone

10. Marlon Brando

11. Sheen

12. Accept it

13. French Connection

14. Pertwee

15. Kennedy

16. Fifteen

17. Cop

18. Reed

19. Dozen

20. Frank Sinatra

21. Seven

22. Motorcycle

23. Stallone

24. Quentin

25. Schwarzenegger

26. Gibson

27. Yul Brynner

28. Eastwood

29. Sean Connery

30. 20s