1. In Shakespear's Hamlet, which herb is said to be 'for remembrance' ?
  2. Is parsley an annual, biennial or perennial plant ?
  3. Is French or Russian tarragon normally used in cooking ?
  4. In which two European countries is caraway often used to to flavour breads and pastries ?
  5. What is the main problem with growing mint in the garden ?
  6. From which flower does the expensive spice of saffron come from ?
  7. Which of the following plants are hardy annuals: sage, borage, chives, sorrell, dill ?
  8. In what form is angelica normally used for decorating cakes and desserts ?
  9. The traditional French blend of 'fines herbes' includes chervil, chives and tarragon. What is the fourth herb ?
  10. Which herb was regarded as a symbol of immortality by the Greeks and Romans ?
  11. Fresh coriander leaves are used in Indian cookery and the rest of the plant can also be cooked and eaten. Which vegetable family does it belong to ?
  12. Which herb is used to flavour the tomato-based sauce on pizza ?
  13. Sage is now a familiar herb in the kitchen. What was its main purpose in the Middle Ages ?
  14. Which is milder: American mustard or Dijon mustard ?
  15. With which type of dish would you use lemon balm as a flavouring ?
  16. What type of soil does thyme prefer ?
  17. In the Middle East, cardamom is used in coffee and in Europe it flavours cakes. In France and the United States, its oil is used for a purpose unconnected with cookery. What do they use it for ?
  18. With what type of food are juniper berries most often used ?
  19. Which part of a ginger plant does the spice come from ?
  20. What is a mixture of dried thyme, bay and parsley enclosed in a muslin bag called ?
  21. Which herb sends cats into ecstasies ?
  22. What type of flavour does the vegetable fennel have ?
  23. Camomile is often used in herbal tea. What is it said to promote ?
  24. The curry plant has a very spicy aroma and silver leaves. What colour are the flowers of the plant ?
  25. Which of the following is not a herb or spice, savoury, soapwort, soy, sassafras ?



  1. Rosemary
  2. Biennial
  3. French
  4. Germany and Austria
  5. It spreads rapidly
  6. Crocus
  7. Borage and Dill
  8. Crystallised
  9. Parsley
  10. Tansy
  11. Carrot family
  12. Oregano
  13. Medicinal
  14. American
  15. Fish and poultry
  16. Well-drained lime or chalk
  17. Herbal Aromatherapy
  18. Game
  19. The underground rhizome
  20. Bouquet garni
  21. Catnip or catmint
  22. Aniseed
  23. Relaxation and sleep
  24. Yellow
  25. Soy is a condiment made from fermented soya beans