1. How many reindeer is Santa believed to have?
  2. In which year was the Queen's speech televised for the first time?
  3. Which Puritan leader made Christmas illegal in 1647
  4. In the "Twelve Days of Christmas" song what was given on the ninth day?
  5. St Francis of Assisi is said to have created the first Nativity performance in Italy in which year?
  6. Who sent the first ever Christmas card?
  7. Where does the word Yule come from?
  8. The Christmas tree displayed in Trafalgar Square is a gift from which country?
  9. Postmen in Victorian England were popularly called what?
  10. What normally happens on boxing Day and why is it given that name?
  11. Which of Santa's reindeer were said to have a bright red nose?
  12. In the Polar Express movie, what is `The First Gift of Christmas`?
  13. Which author wrote the popular 'A Christmas Carol' that helped revive the "spirit" of Christmas and seasonal merriment?
  14. What date is St Stephen's Day?
  15. In the '12 Days of Christmas' song how many Maids Were Milking?
  16. The Anglo-Saxons referred to the Christmas feast as what?
  17. In the Ukraine, what does it mean if you find a spider web in the house on Christmas morning?
  18. At Christmas it is 'tradition' to kiss under a sprig of which plant?
  19. In the song, "Santa Claus is Coming to Town", how many times does Santa check his list?
  20. At the end of the 1988 Die Hard film, what was the famous Christmas song played during the credits?




  1. Nine (9) - Father Christmas' reindeers are called Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner (Donder), Blitzen, and Rudolph. Eight of these names are taken from Clement C. Moore's "A Visit From St. Nicholas," and the ninth from the song "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer". 
  2. 1957 - The Queen's speech was first televised in Black and White in 1957.
  3. Oliver Cromwell - The English parliament passed a law in 1647 that made Christmas illegal. Christmas festivities were banned by Oliver Cromwell, who considered feasting and revelry on what was supposed to be a holy day to be immoral. Anybody caught celebrating Christmas was arrested. The ban was only lifted when the Puritans lost power in 1660.
  4. Nine Ladies Dancing - "The Twelve Days of Christmas" is an English Christmas carol that enumerates in the manner of a cumulative song a series of increasingly grand gifts given on each of the twelve days of Christmas.
  5. 1223 - In those days, many people were unable to read or write so they couldn't read the Christmas story from the bible themselves. Also many of the church services were in Latin which they didn't understand. St Francis decided to change all that.
  6. John Calcott Horsely - The first Christmas card was created and sent in 1843. A man named John Calcott Horsely printed the first Christmas card for Sir Henry Cole, the friend who had given him the idea in the first place.
  7. Yule is an old word for the winter festival, dating back to Viking times. - Traditionally, a huge log would be selected in the forest on Christmas Eve, decorated with ribbons, and dragged back home. This was known as 'Bringing in the Yule Log'. The magical properties of the Yule Log were said to ensure good luck in the coming year to all those who lent a hand at pulling it over the rough ground.
  8. Norway - The tree is a thank you gift from the people of Oslo, Norway. During the Second World War, King Haakon of Norway was forced into exile in England when the Germans occupied his country.
  9. Robins - This was because their uniforms were red. Victorian Christmas cards often showed a robin delivering Christmas mail.
  10. Traditionally, this was the day to open the "Christmas Box" - An 'Alms Box' was placed in every church on Christmas Day, into which worshippers placed a gift for the poor of the parish. These boxes were always opened the day after Christmas, which is why that day became know as Boxing Day.
  11. Rudolph
  12. A bell from Santa's Sleigh
  13. Charles Dickens
  14. December the 26th, Boxing Day
  15. EIGHT - "The Twelve Days of Christmas" is a cumulative song, meaning that each verse is built on top of the previous verses. There are twelve verses, each describing a gift given by "my true love" on one of the twelve days of Christmas.
  16. Midwinter
  17. Good Luck
  18. Mistletoe
  19. Twice
  20. Winter Wonderland