1. What was Tina Turner's original name?
  2. Who was the drummer who replaced the late Keith Moon in The Who in 1978?
  3. Where is Gracelands, the mansion built for Elvis Presley, situated?
  4. Which pop star's guitar sold for £198,000 at auction in 1990?
  5. In which year did the Live Aid concerts take place?
  6. What do the groups En Vogue, Jade and SWV have in common?
  7. What is Bruce Springsteen's nickname?
  8. Which pop artist recorded the album True Blue that topped the charts in 28 countries in 1986?
  9. Which rock star became chairman of Watford Football Club in 1980?
  10. What is 'acid house'?
  11. Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious belonged to which pop group?
  12. Which world famous West Indian rock star, a friend of Jamaican Prime Minister Michael Manley, was show in the arm by political opponents in 1976?
  13. Whose album entitled Tattoo You was released in 1981?
  14. Which city was the original home of the 1980s pop group U2?
  15. Which legendary British singer was awarded the OBE by the Queen in 1980 on his 40th birthday?
  16. On which of Michael Jackson's best-selling albums would you fin the track The Girl is Mine?
  17. Which band was the leader of the hard rock movement?
  18. Which two artists founded the Eurythmics and recorded the first album in 1981?
  19. In what film did pop star David Bowie launch his career as a film actor in 1976?
  20. Their album Synchronicity became one of the best-selling LPs of all time and, in 1983, they reached number 1 in Britain and the United States with Every Breath You Take. Name the group.
  21. Which of the Bee Gees are twins?
  22. Who left an all-girl vocal group, originally called the Primettes, to begin career in 1969 and has become a top international star?
  23. Which American superstar said, "I don't know anything about music. In my lie you don't have to."?
  24. Who had a hit with I Will Always Love You?
  25. Which American record label was bought by Polygram in August 1993?



  1. Annie Mae Bullock
  2. Kenny Jones
  3. Memphis, Tennassee
  4. Jimi Hendrix
  5. 1985
  6. All-girl groups
  7. The Boss
  8. Madonna
  9. Elton John
  10. A style of fast-beat pop music; also used for a youth cult associated with the music and sometimes with drug-taking.
  11. The Sex Pistols
  12. Bob Marley
  13. Rolling Stones
  14. Dublin, Ireland
  15. Cliff Richard
  16. Thriller
  17. Led Zeppelin
  18. Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart
  19. The Man who Fell to Earth
  20. The Police
  21. Maurice and Robin
  22. Diana Ross
  23. Elvis Presley
  24. Whitney Houston
  25. Motown