1. Which 1954 film won Marlon Brando his first best actor award?
  2. In what capacity did Judge Ito become a TV celebrity in the 1990s?
  3. Out of all favourite casino games which has James Bond played in the most films?
  4. Which kids' show did Litte Weed appear?
  5. In 'Mission Impossible' the tape always ended with a self-destruct warning, how long was it before the tape blew up?
  6. Anthony Hopkins based his portrayal of Hannibal Lecter in 'The Silence of the Lambs' on which British comedian?
  7. 'The Likely Lads' broadcast its last episode in 1966. When did 'Whatever Happened to The Likely Lads' start?
  8. Bernard Youens died in 1984. Which role did he play in 'Coronation Street'?
  9. In which 1970s British kids show would you have found the characters Billie, Brains, Doughnut, Scooper, Spring, Sticks and Tiger?
  10. What were the names of the Harts in 'Hart to Hart'?
  11. Who sang 'I Could Be So Good For You', the closing theme tune to 'Minder'?
  12. 'The Big Breakfast' was a popular early morning TV program. What was the name of its replacement which was first aired in 2002?
  13. In which 1968 film did Charlton Heston play an astronaut stumbling across the toppled figure of the Statue of Liberty on a beach?
  14. On 'Coronation Street' who was the editor of The Weatherfield Recorder?
  15. When did Ceefax start broadcasting (to within 6 years)?
  16. Which comedian died in 1984 after collapsing on stage during the show 'Live from Her Majesty's'?
  17. 'The Sound of Music' told the story of which family?
  18. Who was the child star of, 'Pay it Forward', 'The Sixth Sense', and 'A.I'?
  19. In 1983 the first daily quiz show was aired on TV in Britain; what was it?
  20. Which US Drama series of the 1980s was set in Denver, Colorado? 


  1. 'On The Waterfront'
  2. He was the Judge in the OJ Simpson trial
  3. Baccarat
  4. Bill and Ben
  5. Five seconds
  6. Tommy Cooper
  7. 1973
  8. Stan Ogden
  9. Here Come The Double Deckers
  10. Jonathan and Jennifer
  11. Dennis Waterman
  12. RI:SE
  13. 'Planet of the Apes'
  14. Ken Barlow
  15. 1974
  16. Tommy Cooper
  17. The Von Trapp Family
  18. Haley Joel Osment
  19. Blockbusters
  20. Dynasty