Pot Luck 14 – General Knowledge (20 Questions)

Pot Luck 14 - General Knowledge

20 Quiz Questions

1. Stamp duty is normally paid on the sale of what?

2. Where is the Ceremony of the Keys held every evening?

3. What does a BACS system transfer?

4. Who wears a Chasuble?

5. Who or What is a Doppleganger?

6. Emphysema affects which part of the body?

7. Which terms for School or University is from the Latin meaning, ‘bounteous mother‘?

8. Which salts are hydrated magnesium sulphate?

9. What is the UK equivalent of the US Bureau of Consumer Protection?

10. What did Plaid Cymru add to its name in 1998?

11. Which punctuation mark would an American call a “Period“?

12. At what Age does a student now usually take a GCSE exam?

13. Where were the Elgrin Marbles from originally?

14. Which song starts, ‘Friday night and the lights are low‘?

15. According to legend, what will happen to Gibraltar’s ape population if the British leave?

16. Is BST before or behind GMT?

17. What is notable about the staff and patients of the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital?

18. How many Valves does a Bugle have?

19. What name is given to the Compulsive Eating Disorder?

20. What is a Blenheim Orange?

Quiz Answers

1. A house

2. The Tower of London

3. Money

4. Priest

5. Double

6. The lungs

7. Alma Mater

8. Epsom salts

9. Office of Fair Trading

10. The Party of Wales

11. Full stop

12. 16

13. Greece

14. Dancing Queen

15. It will die out

16. Before

17. Women

18. None

19. Bulimia

20. Apple.

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