Pot Luck 15 – General Knowledge (15 Questions)

Pot Luck 15 - General Knowledge

15 Quiz Questions

1. Which city in Florida is closest to the Walt Disney World complex?

2. In which country did gymkhanas originate?

3. What sort of device was patented by Isaac Merrit Singer in 1851?

4. What was the former name of Zimbabwe?

5. Which instrument is used in surveying to measure horizontal and vertical angles?

6. What was the pen name of Bulldog Drummond author H.C. McNeile?

7. Which Ukrainian town was the site of a nuclear reactor explosion in 1986?

8. In which royal park did the Zoological Society of London open a zoo in 1820s?

9. Which Welsh actor buckles his swash in The Mask of Zorro?

10. What name is given to vegetarians who will not eat any food of animal origin such as eggs or cheese?

11. Which French singer and actor starred in Love in the Afternoon and Gigi?

12. Of which European country is Transylvania a part?

13. Which English Restoration dramatic wrote The Country Wife and The Plain Dealer?

14. Which skin condition is also known as Hives and Nettle Rash?

15. Which British architect laid out Trafalgar Square and St. James’s Park?

Quiz Answers

1. Orlando

2. India

3. Sewing machine

4. Rhodesia

5. Theodolite

6. Sapper

7. Chernobbyl

8. Regent’s Park

9. Sir Anthony Hopkins

10. Vegans

11. Maurice Chevalier

12. Romania

13. William Wycherley

14. Urticaria

15. John Nash

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