Pot Luck 3 – General Knowledge (25 Questions)

25 Quiz Questions

  1. What is the name given to the killing of a brother?
  2. In which film do Paul Newman and Robert Redford jump into a river holding hands?
  3. What is the name given to a female deer?
  4. Why was a young American girl, Karen Anne Quinlan, in the headlines in 1976?
  5. Who gave his name to the seventh month of the year?
  6. What are the names of Princess Anne’s two children?
  7. Where would you find the Guggenheim museum?
  8. What would you do with a Lee Enfield?
  9. The film Gone with the Wind was based on a novel by which author?
  10. In Moscow, where does the Church of St. Basil stand?
  11. According to the proverb, what do too many cooks do?
  12. Which saint is the patron of fishermen?
  13. By what name is the author H.H. Munro better known?
  14. Which was the first war to be photographed?
  15. In the well-known saying, ‘He who can, does; he who cannot….’ does what?
  16. This port is known as the ‘gateway to India’. What is it?
  17. Which are the two smallest continents?
  18. Who is considered to be the first of the classical economists?
  19. What does the name Antarctica mean?
  20. Which youth organisation held its first jamboree in 1920?
  21. Name the 23 year old flimstar who died of suspect drug abuse in 1993.
  22. Which person wrote, ‘a little learning is a dangerous thing’?
  23. What is the actual Italian name for the great city of Venice?
  24. Which zodiac sign has the symbol of the bull?
  25. A religious sect, which was founded in Ireland, moved to Devon, England in 1831 and took its name from its new home. Name it.

Quiz Answers

  1. Fratricide
  2. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
  3. Doe
  4. She was in a coma and her parents fought a successful legal battle to have her removed from the ventilator.
  5. Julius Caeser
  6. Peter and Zara
  7. New York
  8. Shoot with it
  9. Margaret Mitchell
  10. Red Square
  11. Spoil the broth
  12. St. Peter
  13. Saki
  14. American Civil War
  15. Teaches
  16. Bombay
  17. Australia and Europe
  18. Adam Smith
  19. Opposite the Antarctic
  20. Boy Scouts
  21. River Phoenix
  22. Alexander Pope
  23. Venezia
  24. Taurus
  25. Plymouth Brethren



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