Pot Luck 5 – General Knowledge (25 Questions)

25 Quiz Questions

  1. What Nationality is golfer Gary Player?
  2. Who wrote the novel on which Benjamin Britten based his opera The Turn of the Screw?
  3. How many wisdom teeth does the average adult have?
  4. The United States has four mainland time zones. Three of them are Pacific, Mountain, and Eastern. What is the fourth?
  5. Which British racing driver has won the most Grand Prix races?
  6. What is the name given to the Moon that follows the Harvest Moon?
  7. On what date is Bastille Day celebrated in France?
  8. Which country gives a Christmas Tree to Britain every year?
  9. What race of nomadic people inhabit Northern Scandinavia?
  10. What Paris club is famous for the Can-Can?
  11. Who is the patron Saint of Grave-diggers?
  12. The nests from which type of birds are used in Birds’ Nest Soup?
  13. What was the nickname of the German aviator Baron von Richthofen?
  14. British drivers call it a bumper. What do Americans call it?
  15. What does White Smoke coming from the Vatican chimney mean?
  16. According to the proverb, what is Nine-tenths of The Law?
  17. What do we call a chicken when it is under One year old?
  18. Who sang Wake up Little Susie, Cathy’s Clown and All I have to do is Dream?
  19. Who is the young diary writer in the books by Sue Townsend?
  20. What was nicknamed the ‘Tin Lizzie‘?
  21. What name is given to the climate that would be produced by Nuclear Warfare?
  22. Which American state was named for the wife of Charles I?
  23. In mythology, which nymph was turned into a laurel bush to save her from Apollo?
  24. In 1991 Slovenia declared its independence from which country?
  25. Which artist angered Henry VIII by painting a flattering portrait of Anne of Cleves?

Quiz Answers

  1. South African
  2. Henry James
  3. Four
  4. Central
  5. Jackie Stewart
  6. Hunter’s moon
  7. July 14
  8. Norway
  9. Lapps
  10. Moulin Rouge
  11. St. Anthony
  12. Chinese swallows
  13. The Red Baron
  14. Fender
  15. A new pope has been elected
  16. Possession
  17. Pullet
  18. Everly Brothers
  19. Adrian Mole
  20. Model T Ford
  21. Nuclear Winter
  22. Maryland
  23. Daphne
  24. Yugoslavia
  25. Hans Holbein



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