Pot Luck 6 – General Knowledge (30 Questions)

30 Quiz Questions

1. Which country produced Gruyere cheese?

2. Who was invested as Prince of Wales in 1969?

3. Francis Drake’s ship Pelican was renamed what?

4. Which opera by Gilbert and Sullivan is set in Venice?

5. Did John Le Carre write thrillers or romantic fiction?

6. Which London Street was home to several British newspapers?

7. Which country has Ipswich as its county town?

8. What shape are the teeth on Pinking Shears?

9. Which Saint is commemorated on the 17th of March?

10. Which Zodiac sign is normally associated with Two fishes?

11. What kind of food is Borscht?

12. What is the minimum age for leaving school in England?

13. In snooker, how many points is the Brown ball worth?

14. Which TV programme has the logo QS?

15. What kind of animal were Cupid, Donner and Blitzen?

16. In which sport would you use a Caddie?

17. Which science looks at the planets and the stars?

18. According to the proverb, which Italian city wasn’t built in a day?

19. What is the first letter of the Greek alphabet?

20. What is a Shih-tzu?

21. Which country does the wine Claret come from?

22. In Tennis, what does the initial L in LTA stand for?

23. What kind of Plants are Sage, Lovage and Basil?

24. Which London park was named after a colour?

25. Who were the UK’s first Eurovision winners after Bucks Fizz?

26. If you bought Le Figaro in France what would you be buying?

27. An Elver is a young what?

28. What is Kelp?

29. Which Film featured the Von Trapp Family?

30. What is the county town of Dorset?

Quiz Answers

1. Switzerland

2. Charles

3. Golden Hind

4. The Gondoliers

5. Thrillers

6. Fleet Street

7. Suffolk

8. V-shaped

9. St Patrick

10. Pisces

11. Beetroot soup

12. 16 years

13. 4

14. A Question of Sport

15. Reindeer

16. Golf

17. Astronomy

18. Rome

19. Alpha

20. A dog

21. France

22. Lawn

23. Herbs

24. Green

25. Katrina and the Waves

26. A newspaper

27. Eel

28. Seaweed

29. The Sound of Music

30. Dorchester



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