Pot Luck 7 – General Knowledge (30 Questions)

Pot Luck 7 - General Knowledge

30 Quiz Questions

1. What does T stand for in the initials V.A.T?

2. What does a Venus Fly-trap trap?

3. Which movement was founded by Lord Baden-Powell?

4. What day precedes Ash Wednesday?

5. In snooker, is the Pink ball or the Brown ball of higher value?

6. Which sign of the Zodiac is pictured by an Archer?

7. What is the principal county town of Buckinghamshire?

8. Which animal is often given the nickname Brock?

9. Who was Patsy Kensit’s Third husband?

10. Which Shakespeare play features the Capulets and Montagues?

11. Which country was called Albion by the Greeks and Romans?

12. In which country is the battle site of El Alamein?

13. Great Oak Trees are grown from what, according to the proverb?

14. In which Town did Jesus grow up?

15. What is the name of of the dress worn by a Ballerina?

16. Which TV show features the Yes/No Game?

17. Stratus, Cirrus and Cumulus are all types of what?

18. Where do Mosquitoes lay their eggs?

19. What are Clogs traditionally made from?

20. Which actor played Basil Fawlty in Fawlty Towers?

21. Toronto is the capital of which Canadian province?

22. Who wrote Mein Kampf?

23. Which football team plays at Stamford Bridge?

24. What do your Arteries carry from your heart?

25. In which northern Italian city is the Doge’s Palace?

26. If Speech is Silver, then what is Golden according to the proverb?

27. Which county cricket team plays at Edgbaston?

28. What is a Natterjack?

29. Which Gladys sang the theme song to the 007 movie License to Kill?

30. Which Hampshire town has England’s largest military camp?

Quiz Answers

1. tax

2. Insects

3. The Boy Scout Movement

4. Shrove Tuesday

5. Pink

6. Sagittarius

7. Aylesbury

8. Badger

9. Liam Gallagher

10. Romeo and Juliet

11. England

12. Egypt

13. Little Acorns

14. Nazareth

15. A tutu

16. Take Your Pick

17. Clouds

18. In water

19. Wood

20. John Cleese

21. Ontario

22. Adolf Hitler

23. Chelsea

24. Blood

25. Venice

26. Silence

27. Warwickshire

28. A toad

29. Gladys Knight

30. Aldershot

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