Pot Luck 8 – General Knowledge (30 Questions)

Pot Luck 8 - General Knowledge

30 Quiz Questions

1. In which Month is Thanksgiving celebrated in America?

2. Where is the rattle in a rattlesnake?

3. Which talk show hostess looks back on founding Harpo Productions?

4. What is the opposite of an Acid?

5. What is a Spinney?

6. Who said ‘To be or not to be, that is the question‘?

7. In The Bible, what were Seraphim and Cherubim?

8. Which political party had Benjamin Disraeli as a leader?

9. Which South African language derives from the Dutch settlers?

10. Which country has the Nairobi as its capital?

11. Cricket Bats are traditionally made from which wood?

12. How many colours are in the spectrum?

13. What name is given to the home of an eagle?

14. On which Street is the Bank of England?

15. The St Leger is run at which Yorkshire race course?

16. The original Candle in the Wind was on which album?

17. Which coin was first introduced in the UK in 1983?

18. For what type of dancing did Anna Pavlova achieve fame?

19. What colour is an Amethyst?

20. What is the only Poisonous Snake in Britain?

21. Which country is native homeland to the Gurkha troops?

22. Which phobia is the fear of Open Spaces?

23. Which chemical is also known as Quicksilver?

24. Penne, Rigatoni and Tagliatelle are all types of what?

25. What did the initial ‘S’ stand for in Winston S Churchill?

26. Who lives in a Manse?

27. Which Norfolk city stands on the River Wensum?

28. What is Reuters?

29. Who was God of War in Roman mythology?

30. How many times does the letter ‘S’ appear in Mississippi?

Quiz Answers

1. November

2. The tail

3. Oprah Winfrey

4. An alkali

5. A small wood

6. Hamlet

7. Angels

8. Conservatives

9. Afrikaans

10. Kenya

11. Willow

12. Seven

13. An eyrie

14. Threadneedle Street

15. Doncaster

16. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

17. £1

18. Ballet

19. Violet

20. Adder

21. Nepal

22. Agoraphobia

23. Mercury

24. Pasta

25. Spencer

26. A Minister / Clergyman

27. Norwich

28. A News agency

29. Mars

30. Four

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