Pot Luck 9 – General Knowledge (30 Questions)

Pot Luck 9 - General Knowledge

30 Quiz Questions

1. In which Dickens novel is the character Bill Sikes?

2. Which alcoholic drink contains Juniper as a flavour?

3. By which name is a Mausoleum at Agra, India normally known?

4. Which dogs are a serious pest in Australia?

5. What would your profession be if you were a Member of Equity

6. Which instruments did Antonio Stradivari produce?

7. Which Country is famous for Moussaka?

8. In which month is Father’s Day in the UK?

9. Pontoon and Suspension are both types of which construction?

10. What did the ‘M’ stand for in Lousia M. Alcott’s name?

11. Which Name did a fairytale Queen have to guess or lose her child?

12. What is a salary paid to a clergyman called?

13. What colour is Cochineal?

14. The British Standards Institute uses what mark as a sign of approval?

15. Which American city is served by Kennedy Airport?

16. Which Bird has the largest wing span?

17. What does a Cooper make?

18. What kind of drink is Amontillado?

19. What does an “Early Bird catch“, according to the proverb?

20. Which Beatle’s daughter is a dress designer?

21. Bloomers and Baps are both types of what?

22. How many years are there in Four and a half decades?

23. Where are your Incisors?

24. Who, together with Tim Rice, wrote Evita?

25. Where is Lord Nelson buried?

26. On a staircase are the risers flat or vertical?

27. The Cambridge, Adelphi and Lyric in London are all what?

28. What are the Two ingredients of Marzipan?

29. Billy Graham is famous for which branch of Christianity?

30. Which Black and White Bird is usually accused of stealing? 

Quiz Answers

1. Oliver Twist

2. Gin

3. Taj Mahal

4. Dingoes

5. Actor/ Actress

6. Violins

7. Greece

8.  June

9. Bridges

10. May

11. Rumpelstiltskin

12. A stipend

13. Red

14. Kite-mark

15. New York

16. Albatross

17. Barrels

18. Sherry

19. The worm

20. Paul McCartney

21. Bread

22. 45

23. In the mouth

24. Andrew Lloyd Webber

25. St. Paul’s Cathedral

26. Vertical

27. Theatres

28. Sugar, almonds

29. Evangelism

30. Magpie

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