Pot Luck – General Knowledge 1 (25 Questions)

25 Quiz Questions

  1. Where in the body is the Labyrinth?
  2. What is the common name for Ascorbic Acid?
  3. Complete this quotation from Voltaire: ‘If God did not exist…’
  4. Americans call it a faucet. What do the British call it?
  5. How are the first five books of the Bible known collectively?
  6. Who designed the Dome of St. Peter’s, Rome?
  7. What is the unit of currency in Poland?
  8. Which two elements make up water?
  9. Who was the Captain of the Pequod in Moby Dick?
  10. What colour is a New York taxi?
  11. Which Two letters are worth Ten points in the board game Scrabble?
  12. Which useful household item is made from Naphthalene?
  13. What is measured on the Beaufort Scale?
  14. Which creatures live in a Formicary?
  15. Which bandleader died in an air crash over the English Channel during World War II?
  16. What is the other name for the Jewish Day of Atonement?
  17. What was writer Charles Dodgson’s pseudonym?
  18. If an American footballer talked about his ‘zippers‘ what would he mean?
  19. Where would you find the ‘Ocean of Storms‘?
  20. What is the Pirate’s flag with the Skull and Cross-bones called?
  21. Where is the original Harris tweed spun and woven?
  22. What do climbers call a peak higher the 914, (3,000 ft)?
  23. The famous Gurkha soldiers are known for carrying a particular type of large knife. What is this knife called?
  24. Which Bird is the international symbol of happiness?
  25. What is the centuries old art of clipping hedges into various ornamental shapes traditionally called?

Quiz Answers

  1. The ear
  2. Vitamin C
  3. ‘…it would be necessary to invent him’
  4. A tap
  5. Pentateuch
  6. Michelangelo
  7. Zloty
  8. Hydrogen and oxygen
  9. Captain Ahab
  10. Yellow
  11. Q and Z
  12. Mothballs
  13. Wind velocity
  14. Ants
  15. Glenn Miller
  16. Yom Kippur
  17. Lewis Carroll
  18. Scars
  19. On the moon
  20. Jolly Roger
  21. Outer Hebrides
  22. A munro
  23. The kukri
  24. Bluebird
  25. Topiary



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