Pot Luck – General Knowledge 16 (25 Questions)

Pot Luck 16 - General knowledge

25 Quiz Questions

1. Which nocturnal bird known world-wide is the symbol of wisdom?

2. Which disease is the BCG vaccine used to combat?

3. Which famous playwright is the husband of historian Lady Antonia Fraser?

4. Who performed the Dance of the Seven Veils?

5. In a rowing eight, what is the oarsman who sits nearest to the bow called?

6. Who was the Greek goddess of Love, known to the Romans as Venus?

7. What medal, founded by George Washington, is awarded to American service personnel wounded in the course of duty?

8. Which hormone contributes to the development of male characteristics?

9. The Castle of Men is the private residence of which member of the British royal family?

10. How did Princess Grace of Monaco die?

11. What is a group of eight musicians called?

12. The British TV system uses 625 lines. How many does the American system use?

13. What would you do with a ‘wandering sailor‘?

14. In the financial world, what do the initials MLR stand for?

15. ‘Blood and Fire‘ is the motto of which organisation?

16. The United Nations flag shows a map of the world. What is on either side of the map?

17. What popular Japanese meal is known as the ‘friendship dish‘?

18. In the television series, what was the name of Perry Mason’s secretary?

19. Deschenes were originally bred for hunting what?

20. What type of trees grew in the Garden of Gethsemane in Jerusalem?

21. Who played Private Benjamin?

22. Which film actress visited Hanoi to demonstrate her opposition to the Vietnam war?

23. At the Summer Olympic Games, athletes from which country always lead the process of competitors?

24. What do the initials UNESCO stand for?

25. When John F. Kennedy was assassinated, the Governor of Texas was seriously wounded. What was his name?

Quiz Answers

1. The owl

2. Tuberculosis

3. Harold Pinter

4. Salome

5. Stroke

6. Aphrodite

7. The Purple Heart

8. Testosterone

9. The Queen Mother

10. In a car crash

11. Octet

12. 525

13. Plant it

14. Minimum Lending Rate

15. Salvation Army

16. An olive branch

17. Sukiyaki

18. Della Street

19. Badgers

20. Olive trees

21. Goldie Hawn

22. Jane Fonda

23. Greece

24. United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization

25. John B. Connally

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