Pot Luck – General Knowledge 19 (25 Questions)

Pot Luck 19 - General Knowledge

25 Quiz Questions

1. Which commonwealth country celebrated its bicentennial in 1988?

2. What drink is made from vodka and tomato juice?

3. Who is Julie Andrews’ director husband?

4. How many points are awarded to the winning driver of Formula 1 Grand Prix race?

5. Which zodiac sign is represented by the crab?

6. Which set of sporting rules are named after a 19th-century nobleman?

7. What film included the song Wandering Star?

8. By what name was the fictional Lord Greystoke better known?

9. What was the earliest type of antibiotic drug that was introduced in the 1940s?

10. Who was the Englishman who was saved from death by the Indian girl Pocahontas?

11. Which North African city has a name meaning ‘white house‘ in Spanish?

12. In the Bible, who buried Jesus in his own tomb?

13. Colonel Tom Parker was manager for which famous singer?

14. Under what name is the writer David Cornwell better known?

15. Which type of acid is usually found in car batteries?

16. What does ‘C’ stand for in film star George C. Scott’s name?

17. To which country do the Molucca Islands belong?

18. Which level of singing voice comes below tenor?

19. In Paris, where is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier?

20. Who is the world famous film star mother of Jason Gould?

21. What would you do with the Eastern device called a ‘Hookah‘?

22. What type of paintings did artists of the Norwich school produce?

23. In 1943, a group of generals plotted to kill their leader with a bomb. Who was he?

24. Which ancient tribe of invaders gave the country of England and the English people their name?

25. The Sea Parrot is more usually known by another name. What is it?

Quiz Answers

1. Australia

2. Bloody Mary

3. Blake Edwards

4. 10

5. Cancer

6. Queensbury Rules

7. Paint Your Wagon

8. Tarzan

9. Penicillin

10. Captain John Smith

11. Casablanca

12. Joseph of Arimathea

13. Elvis Presley

14. John le Carré

15. Sulphuric acid

16. Campbell

17. Indonesia

18. Baritone

19. Arc de Triomphe

20. Barbara Streisand

21. Smoke it

22. Landscapes

23. Adolf Hitler

24. Angles

25. Puffin

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