Pot Luck – General Knowledge 22 (25 Questions)

Pot Luck 22 - General Knowledge

25 Quiz Questions

1. In the education sector, what does BA stand for?

2. Which board game involves moving through rooms to solve a murder by deduction?

3. Who’s life was celebrated at the 1992 Concert For Life?

4. In its nickname, Chicago is known as what type of city?

5. What is an area of water called which is separated from the open sea by coral reef?

6. What actually gets trapped in a Venus Fly Trap?

7. In the London theatre, what is the longest running play ever?

8. What name is given to a bank of sand near the coastline?

9. Which part of a car did John Dunlop invent?

10. A squirrel can be grey and which other colour?

11. Where in Poland did the Solidarity movement start its strikes?

12. Which royal sport could you see at Cowdray Park and Hurlingham?

13. Princess Margaret was advised against marrying Peter Townsend for what reason?

14. Where did the 1980 Olympics take place?

15. Writer John Buchan became Governor General of where?

16. Which Dunfermline East MP has been in the Cabinet since the 1990s?

17. Why does a glow worm glow?

18. In cricket, how many balls are there in an over?

19. Which word can be a stick or the workforce?

20. Cambodian leader Saloth Sar was better known by what name?

21. How many holes are most major golf tournaments played over?

22. Who starred in Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music?

23. Tokai wine comes from which country?

24. On which radio station is The Archers broadcast?

25. What was the name of the nanny murdered in Lord Lucan?

Quiz Answers

1. Bachelor of Arts

2. Cluedo

3. Freddie Mercury

4. Windy

5. Lagoon

6. Insects

7. The Mousetrap

8. Dune

9. Tyres

10. Red

11. Gdansk

12. Polo

13. He was a divorcee

14. Moscow

15. Canada

16. Gordon Brown

17. To attract mates

18. Six

19. Staff

20. Pol Pot

21. 72

22. Julie Andrews

23. Hungary

24. Radio 4

25. Sandra Rivett

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