Pot Luck – General Knowledge 25 (25 Questions)

Pot Luck 25 - General Knowledge

25 Quiz Questions

1. Who was Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda?

2. In 1998 which Royal appeared on Des O’Connor Tonight?

3. On which mountain did woman climber Alison Hargreaves perish in 1995?

4. Which WWII escapade was led by Guy Gibson?

5. Who had an 80’s No1 with Don’t Turn Around?

6. What have Bobby Robson, Graham Taylor and Terry Venables all advertised on TV?

7. Who played plumber Frank Carver in Love Hurts?

8. What does p in plc stand for?

9. Until its division in the 1990s, what was the capital of Yugoslavia?

10. Which national newspaper did not publish for nearly a year in the late 70’s?

11. Which music hall star and radio comic had the catchphrase, “The day that war broke out“?

12. What was the international registration letters of a vehicle from Poland?

13. In which decade did the Sex Discrimination Act come into force in Britain?

14. Where in England was David Hockney born?

15. Princess Margaret plays which musical instrument?

16. On which river was the Tarbela dam built?

17. Which famous sporting figure refused conscription to Vietnam in 1967?

18. Who wrote Farewell My Lovely and the Lady in The Lake?

19. Which politician spoke of a “short, sharp shock” for young offenders?

20. Which country did Idi Amin go to when he fled Uganda?

21. In American Football where do the Browns come from?

22. The first students from where graduated in June 1973?

23. In which decade was Sean Penn born?

24. In economics what does the letter F stand for in IMF?

25. In the Army what is the equivalent of Admiral in the Navy?

Quiz Answers

1. Goebbels

2. Prince Edward

3. K2

4. The Dam Busters

5. Aswad

6. Yellow Pages

7. Adam Faith

8. Public

9. Belgrade

10. The Times

11. Rob Wilton

12. PL

13. 70s

14. Bradford

15. Piano

16. Indus

17. Muhammad Ali

18. Raymond Chandler

19. Willie Whitelaw

20. Saudi Arabia

21. Cleveland

22. The Open University

23. 60s

24. Fund

25. General

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