Pot Luck – General Knowledge 27 (25 Questions)

Pot Luck 27 - General Knowledge

25 Quiz Questions

1. What is eaten by pantophagist?

2. Who were the Fuggers?

3. What do isohyet lines indicate on a map?

4. What are the dark, lowland plains on the moon known as?

5. Where, in 1855, is ice hockey thought to have originated?

6. What was the only UK Top Ten hit for the group Black Sabbath?

7. In which country was musician Leopold Stokowski born?

8. Which Scottish order has the motto ‘Nemo me immune lacessit?

9. What was the name of Fingal’s dog in Gaelic legend?

10. The Schich Test can be used to test for which disease?

11. In the Oliver Stone film Natural Born Killers, who played Mickey?

12. What do you do with a Maduro?

13. Who was Hector’s mother in mythology?

14. Which novel starts “The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there“?

15. Which metals is a 50p piece made from?

16. What is the main colour on the cover of the album Spice?

17. In which decade was Betty Boothroyd born?

18. Coptic Christians are found in Egypt and which one other country?

19. Which 1996 tennis tournament saw the debut of a fluorescent ball?

20. What was Errol Flynn’s last film in 1959?

21. In which decade was playwright Sir Alan Ayckbourn born?

22. The Festival Garden in Battersea Park are based on which continental gardens?

23. Which part did Brian Wilde play in the TV series Porridge?

24. Which phobia describes a fear of marriage?

25. What was Bjork’s first UK Top Ten hit from 1995?

Quiz Answers

1. Anything (Omnivore)

2. Bankers

3. Areas of equal rainfall

4. Maria (Seas)

5. Kingston, Ontario

6. Paranoid

7. Britain

8. The Order of the Thistle

9. Bran

10. Diphtheria

11. Woody Harrelson

12. Smoke it (it’s a strong cigar)

13. Hecuba

14. The Go Between (L. P. Hartley)

15. Copper & nickel

16. White

17. 1920s

18. Ethiopia

19. The Hopman Cup, Perth, Australia

20. Cuban Rebel Girls

21. 1930s

22. Tivoli gardens in Copenhagen

23. Officer Barraclough

24. Gamophobia

25. Army Of Me

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