Pot Luck – General Knowledge 28 (25 Questions)

Pot Luck 28 - General Knowledge

25 Quiz Questions

1. Who was the first person to receive a heart transplant?

2. In which European country are the counties of Viborg and Aarhus?

3. Who composed the music for the ballet The Wooden Prince?

4. Who played the lead role in the film Two A Penny?

5. Which country has the Lek as its unit of currency?

6. Who was Vice President when Ronald Reagan was President?

7. Which animal head represents the Hindu God Ganesa?

8. Who is the elder – Julie Walters or Twiggy?

9. In which country is the City of Adana?

10. Which type of fish gives its name to a particular patterning of the sky?

11. In which year did Roy Plomley last present Desert Island Discs?

12. The first men’s hockey club in England was founded in which London suburb?

13. Which bird stands in the centre of the national flag of Dominica?

14. In which decade was Michael Gambon born?

15. What was Randy Crawford’s first UK Top Ten hit?

16. What are the initials BSE an abbreviation of?

17. How many seconds are there in half a day?

18. What was the nationality of the astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus?

19. Geri Halliwell became a UN ambassador specialising in what?

20. Who wrote the novels London Fields and Time’s Arrow?

21. How is the letter S formed in Morse Code?

22. Who is the Patron Saint of Television?

23. Which public figure was shot dead by John Bellingham?

24. Bandleader Quincy Jones chiefly plays which instrument?

25. Changed in 1868 what was the former name of Tokyo?

Quiz Answers

1. Louis Washkansky

2. Denmark

3. Bela Bartok

4. Cliff Richard

5. Albania

6. George Bush

7. Elephant

8. Twiggy

9. Turkey

10. Mackeral

11. 1985

12. Blackheath

13. Sisserou parrot

14. 1940s

15. One Day I’ll Fly Away

16. Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy

17. 43,200

18. Polish

19. Sexual health in the Third World

20. Martin Amis

21. Dot, dot, dot

22. St Clare

23. Spencer Perceval (British PM)

24. Trumpet

25. Edo

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