Pot Luck – General Knowledge 29 (25 Questions)

Pot Luck 29 - General knowledge

25 Quiz Questions

1. What is Michael Crawford’s real name?

2. Which company sponsored snooker’s British Gold Cup from 1981-1984?

3. Who directed the three hour silent movie epic The Birth Of A Nation?

4. Who designed the Westminster building to provide MP’s with more office space from 2000 onwards?

5. What did Dennis Connor win three times in the 80s?

6. In which European city is the Goulandis Natural History Museum?

7. Who wrote the book The Hammer of God?

8. Wayne Gretzky first played league ice hockey with which team?

9. What was the date of the October 1987 gales that hit Britain?

10. What was launched on Tuesday 30 July, 1938 and kept going to the end of the century?

11. Where in England was actor Tom Baker born?

12. What are the international registration letters of a vehicle from Liechtenstein?

13. Ex PM James Callaghan became Baron Callaghan of where?

14. Esenboga international airport is in which country?

15. Which female was in the coffee shop in Saturday Superstore?

16. What star sign is Mikhail Gorbachev?

17. Who made her TV debut in Dennis Potter’s Christabel?

18. What was the last UK No 1 of the 80’s featuring Paul McCartney?

19. Who was runner up when James Hunt was F1 champion?

20. What did Che Guevara train to be?

21. What single word did boxer Joe Louis want on his tombstone?

22. Which country does the airline Sahsa come from?

23. In which year was TV personality Ernie Wise born?

24. Who directed the movie Tess?

25. Which TV presenter wrote the novel A Time To Dance?

Quiz Answers

1. Michael Dumble-Smith

2. Yamaha

3. D W Griffith

4. Sir Michael Hopkins

5. America’s Cup

6. Athens

7. Arthur C Clarke

8. Edmonton Oilers

9. 15th

10. The Beano Comic

11. Liverpool

12. FL

13. Cardiff

14. Turkey

15. Vicky Licorish

16. Pisces

17. Liz Hurley

18. Ferry ‘Cross The Mersey

19. Niki Lauda

20. Doctor

21. Even

22. Honduras

23. 1925

24. Roman Polanski

25. Melvyn Bragg

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