Pot Luck – General Knowledge 30 (25 Questions)

Pot Luck 30 - General Knowledge

25 Quiz Questions

1. Whose second husband was Max Mallowan?

2. Who was the next British Prime Minister after Lloyd George?

3. Hopkins international airport is in which US state?

4. In which decade was the London Symphony Orchestra founded?

5. On Spitting Image who was seen as a slug?

6. Which pioneering aviator had a plane called Percival Gull?

7. Which Earl has presented Miss World?

8. Who had a UK No1 hit with A Little Peace?

9. What was Charlotte Brew’s famous first?

10. What star sign is shared by Danny La Rue and Roy Walker?

11. Which magician’s wife wrote songs on That’s Life?

12. Vehicles from which country use the international registration letter MA?

13. How old was Elizabeth Taylor when she appeared in National Velvet?

14. Educationalist Maria Montessori was Italy’s first ever female what?

15. What is the population of South Africa to the nearest million?

16. When was the Daily Express founded?

17. Who was the first person in the 90s to have a solo Christmas No 1 hit?

18. Who was Poet Laureate from 1913-1930?

19. Elmas International airport is in which country?

20. Whose autobiography was called Arias and Raspberries?

21. Henry Becquerel shared a Nobel prize for his work in discovering what?

22. Who took the assumed name Sebastian Melmoth when living in Paris?

23. At which ground did Muralitharan take nine wickets v England?

24. Established in 1919 which is the world’s oldest surviving airline?

25. Which personality had her shoe replaced by an army boot in a classic Morecambe and Wise sketch?

Quiz Answers

1. Agatha Christie

2. Bonar Law

3. Ohio

4. First of the 20th century

5. Kenneth Baker

6. Jean Batten

7. Lichfield

8. Nicole

9. Female Grand National rider

10. Leo

11. Victoria Wood

12. Morocco

13. 10

14. Medical student

15. 42 million

16. 1900

17. Cliff Richard

18. Robert Bridges

19. Italy

20. Harry Secombe

21. Radioactivity

22. Oscar Wilde

23. The Oval

24. KLM

25. Shirley Bassey

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