Pot Luck – General Knowledge 31 (25 Questions)

Pot Luck 31 - General knowledge

25 Quiz Questions

1. Which Deputy Party leader appeared in an episode of Chef!?

2. What was the provisional title of Last of the Summer Wine?

3. Empty Nest was a spin off from which sitcom?

4. Which Seinfeld star was the voice of Hugo in The Hunchback of Notre Dame?

5. Whose song provided the music for Gils On Top?

6. In Man About the House what football team did Robin Tripp support?

7. What was the business owned by Ted Simcock called in A Bit of a Do?

8. What was Jean Boht’s codename for This Is Your Life?

9. What was the name of the shingles club in Dear John by John Sullivan?

10. In May to December Miss Flood became Mrs Who?

11. What was Poll’s surname in Fawlty Towers?

12. On which UK sitcom special did Fergie make a guest appearance?

13. In what type of hospital was Get Well Soon set?

14. In 1979, which sitcom netted the highest audience of the year of 24 million viewers?

15. What was the surname of Rhoda in the sitcom spin off from the Mary Tyler Moore show?

16. When Fawlty Towers was shown in Spain, Manuel became what nationality in order to avoid offence to the Spaniards?

17. Which star of a popular sitcom made a fitness video called Lets’s Dance?

18. In which state was Roseanne set?

19. Which sitcom star released a solo album called What Is Going to Become of Us All in 1976?

20. Which star of Barbara was mayoress of her home town Blackburn?

21. Which show was originally called These Friends of Mine?

22. What was the name of the house Hester and William rented in French Fields?

23. What was the name of the housekeeper in Father Ted?

24. Who sang the theme music for You Rang M’Lord along with one of its stars Paul Shane?

25. Alf Garnett was originally to have had what name?

Quiz Answers

1. Roy Hattersley

2. Last of the Summer Wine

3. The Golden Girls

4. Jason Alexander

5. Squeeze

6. Southampton

7. Jupiter Foundry

8. Yeast

9. 1-2-1

10. Tipple

11. Sherman

12. The Vicar of Dibley

13. TB sanatorium

14. To The Manor Born

15. Morgenstern

16. Italian

17. Richard Wilson

18. Illinois

19. John LeMesurier

20. Madge Hindle – Doreen

21. Ellen

22. Les Hirondelles

23. Mrs Doyle

24. Bob Monkhouse

25. Alf Ramsey

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