Pot Luck – General Knowledge 32 (25 Questions)

Pot Luck 32 - General knowledge

25 Quiz Questions

1. Who was ‘The Radio Doctor‘ in the 1940s and 50s?

2. What was the Golden Earring’s first UK Top Ten hit?

3. Started in 1850, what were Children’s Temperance Societies called?

4. Which motorcyclist appeared in the film Space Riders?

5. Gravure is a term connected with which industry?

6. Who played the leading role in the film The Stone Killer?

7. To the nearest hundred how many islands make up the Maldives?

8. Who was Prime Minister during the General Strike?

9. What does a mendicant do?

10. Mycology is the study of what?

11. What was the Carla Rosa, existing from 1875 to 1958?

12. Who was the last King of Troy according to legend?

13. What was George Burns real name?

14. The word Ombudsman comes from which language?

15. In which decade was Lord Rothschild born?

16. Who wrote the play The Homecoming?

17. Who was writer and producer for New Kids On the Block?

18. In which American state were Bonnie and Clyde killed in an ambush?

19. The Statue of Liberty’s 100th birthday was celebrated in which year?

20. Who is the elder – Jeremy Beadle or Christopher Biggins?

21. What is studied by a pedologist?

22. Spencer Gore was the first winner of what?

23. George Galvin performed in music-hall under what name?

24. Placido Domingo studied music at which National Conservatory?

25. Who was the last Prime Minister during the reign of Queen Victoria?

Quiz Answers

1. Charles Hill

2. Radar Love

3. Bands of Hope

4. Barry Sheene

5. Printing (platemaking)

6. Charles Bronson

7. 1200 (1196)

8. Stanley Baldwin

9. Begs

10. Fungi

11. An Opera Company

12. Priam

13. Nathan Birnbaum

14. Swedish

15. 1930s

16. Harold Pinter

17. Maurice Starr

18. Louisiana

19. 1986

20. Jeremy Beadle

21. Soils

22. Men’s singles, Wimbledon

23. Dan Leno

24. Mexico

25. Marquis of Salisbury

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