Pot Luck – General Knowledge 33 (25 Questions)

Pot Luck 33 - General knowledge

25 Quiz Questions

1. In which TV series did Scott Bakula leap in time?

2. Which Kenny Rogers’ hit starts, “On a bar in Toledo…“?

3. In which sport is there a piste other than skiing?

4. Who wrote The French Lieutenant’s Woman?

5. Which Chancellor of the Exchequer introduced TESSA?

6. Which character was played by Dooley Wilson in Casablanca?

7. Who wrote the play Private Lives?

8. Which politician once played in a band called Ugly Rumours?

9. Whose hits include Waterfront and Alive and Kicking?

10. Voords, Krotons and Autons have all appeared in which TV series?

11. Which children’s writer’s real name was Mrs Heelis?

12. How many seconds are there in three hours?

13. What was the dog called in the Famous Five books?

14. If you were using Dutch or Diaper Bonds what would you be doing?

15. What was Herman’s Hermits only No 1 UK hit?

16. In which country was Salman Rushdie born?

17. What are you doing if you are mendicanting?

18. Who wrote the novel Murder in Mesopotamia in 1936?

19. Which team from outside Glasgow won the Scottish FA Cup three times from 1982-84?

20. In Monopoly, what is the next property after Old Kent Road?

21. Whose mountain retreat was at Berchtesgaden?

22. Dorothy Brooke is the central character in which novel?

23. Which was the first British National Park?

24. Fred Perry was World Champion in 1929 in which sport?

25. Which licence was abolished in 1988 after 192 years?

Quiz Answers

1. Quantum Leap

2. Lucille

3. Fencing

4. John Fowles

5. John Major

6. Sam the piano player

7. Noel Coward

8. Tony Blair

9. Simple Minds

10. Dr Who

11. Beatrix Potter

12. 10,800

13. Timmy

14. Bricklaying

15. I’m Into Something Good

16. India

17. Begging

18. Agatha Christie

19. Aberdeen

20. Whitechapel

21. Hitler

22. Middlemarch

23. Peak District

24. Table Tennis

25. Dog licence

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