Pot Luck – General Knowledge 36 (15 Questions)

Pot Luck 36 - General Knowledge

15 Quiz Questions

1. Name the American astronaut who, in 1984, became the first man to make an ‘untethered’ spacewalk.

2. Which inlet of the Firth of Clyde was the site of a US Polaris nuclear submarine base from 1961 until 1992?

3. The son of a celebrated archeologist, he was the conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic orchestra from 1922 until his death in 1954.  Can you name him?

4. What type of Australian eucalyptus tree is mentioned in the song Waltzing Matilda?

5. Who, in May 1996, was made an honorary citizen of Warsaw?

6. The Kuiper Crater is on which planet?

7. Walker Smith was the real name of which famous world welter and middleweight boxing champion of the 1940s and 1950s?

8. And which world heavyweight boxing champion, he won the title at the age of 37, was born Arnold Cream?

9. Situated on both banks of the Karun river, Ahvaz is a city in which country?

10. Name the feminist, a constant companion of Jean-Paul Sartre, who wrote The SecondSex?

11. Often seen in the 17th and 18th centuries, what was peruke?

12. In the Jewish religion, what name is given to scrolls which contain the text of the Pentateuch?

13. What nationality was the first pilot to be saved by an ejector seat?

14. Born in Scotland, who was Canada’s first Prime Minister?

15. In the story of Peter Pan, Peter has to return to the Darling’s house because on his first visit he left without what?

Quiz Answers

1. Bruce McCandless.

2. Holy Loch.

3. Wilhelm Furtwangler.

4. Coolaba.

5. Pope John Paul II.

6. Mercury.

7. Sugar Ray Robinson.

8. Jersey Joe Walcott.

9. Iran.

10. Simone De Beauvoir.

11. A wig.

12. Torah.

13. Swedish.

14. John Alexander MacDonald.

15. His shadow.

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