Pot Luck – General Knowledge 38 (15 Questions)

Pot Luck 38 - General Knowledge

15 Quiz Questions

1. What pseudonym was used by two cousins, Frederic Danny and Manfred B. Lee, who were writers of crime fiction?

2. Who wrote the music for the Threepenny Opera?

3. Which entertainer was known as the ‘Last of the Red Hot Mamas’?

4. Who was Richard Nixon’s vice-president when he came to power in 1968?

5. Who played Soames Forsyte in the classic 1960s TV saga?

6. Who was the actress who had an affair with Britain’s Heritage Secretary David Mellor in 1992?

7. Which one of Britain’s notorious gangster Kray twins died first in 1995?

8. A zander is a type of which creature?

9. In which country is Sebastopol?

10. What is the name of the fluid portion of white blood in which blood cells are suspended?

11. The SI unit of force is named after which scientist?

12. Who is the patron saint of Russia?

13. Which cricketer, knighted in 1953, was a famous opening batsman with his partner Herbert Sutcliffe?

14. From which Spanish soccer league team was Emmanuel Petit transferred to Chelsea for £7.5 million in 2001?

15. Tralee is the administrative centre for which Irish county?

Quiz Answers

1. Ellery Queen.

2. Kurt Weill.

3. Sophie Tucker.

4. Spiro Agnew.

5. Eric Porter.

6. Antonia de Sanchez.

7. Ronnie.

8. Fish.

9. Ukraine.

10. Plasma.

11. Newton.

12. St. Nicholas.

13. Jack Hobbs.

14. Barcelona.

15. Kerry.

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