Pot Luck – General Knowledge 40 (15 Questions)

Pot Luck 40 - General Knowledge

15 Quiz Questions

1. Which French author wrote Around the World in Eighty Days and Journey to the Centre of the Earth?

2. Which Italian city lies at the foot go Mount Vesuvius opposite ancient Pompeii?

3. Which cricket team gave the West Indies their first ever 5-0 Test series defeat in 1999?

4. What is the largest planet in our solar system?

5. According to Muslims, who was the last of the prophets?

6. In which country was Adolf Hitler born?

7. What is the second largest of the Balearic islands?

8. Which singer plays the Goblin King in the 1986 film Labyrinth?

9. What name is given to a wind reaching force 12 on the Beaufort scale?

10. Which port did Abuja replace as the capital of Nigeria?

11. Which West Indian island is politically divided between the Dominican Republic and Haiti?

12. What is the world’s longest railway?

13. What nationality is the conductor Karl Rickenbacher?

14. Jugendstil was the German form of which art movement?

15. Which unit of length is equal to the mean distance between the earth and the sun?

Quiz Answers

1. Jules Verne.

2. Naples.

3. South Africa.

4. Jupiter.

5. Mohammed.

6. Austria.

7. Minorca.

8. David Bowie.

9. Hurricane.

10. Lagos.

11. Hispaniola.

12. The Trans-Siberian Railway.

13. Swiss.

14. Art Nouveau.

15. Astronomical unit.

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