Pot Luck – General Knowledge 41 (15 Questions)

Pot Luck 41 - General Knowledge

15 Quiz Questions

1. Did Edward I make his son the first Prince of Scotland, Prince of England or Prince of Wales?

2. Is the black part in the centre of your eye called the iris, the pupil or orb?

3. If a Japanese person says, ‘Sayonara’ do they mean thank you, goodbye or happy birthday?

4. Is Matt Damon’s best pal Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett or Joaquin Phoenix?

5. Would a soccer player, yachtsman or ice skater buy equipment from a chandler?

6. Is someone deeply engrossed with surfing the net called a racer, dragnet or juicer?

7. In Greek mythology was Achilles shot in his head, arm or heel?

8. Is the Sea of Tranquility in China, on the Moon or in Disneyworld?

9. Is former President Clinton’s daughter called Pimlico, Fulham or Chelsea?

10. Did Mark Wahlberg model underwear for Tommy, Gucci or Calvin Klein?

11. Is the British rugby union team called the Pumas, Tigers or Lions?

12. Is Britain’s busiest railway station Paddington, Clapham Junction or Waterloo?

13. Did a scribe play music, lend money or write letters?

14. Is Mercury, Venus or Mars the closest planet to the Sun?

15. Is the Central Line red, yellow or blue on a London Underground map?

Quiz Answers

1. Prince of Wales.

2. Pupil.

3. Goodbye.

4. Ben Affleck.

5. Yachtsman.

6. Juicer.

7. Heel.

8. On The Moon.

9. Chelsea.

10. Calvin Klein.

11. Lions.

12. Clapham Junction.

13. Write Letters.

14. Mercury.

15. Red.

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