Pot Luck – General Knowledge 44 (15 questions)

Pot Luck 44 - General Knowledge

15 Quiz Questions

1. What is the lowest female singing voice?

2. In which athletics field event is a heavy sphere attached to a chain with a handle thrown?

3. What is the second largest planet?

4. Which British novelist wrote Ivanhoe?

5. By what name is the blowfly commonly known as?

6. In the acronym SCUBA what does the S stand for?

7. In which country is the winter sports resort of Chamonix?

8. Who played Lord Alfred Douglas in the film Wilde?

9. What is the 50th state of the United States of America?

10. Which metallic element has the symbol K?

11. What sort of blood cells are also called leucocytes?

12. Which U.S. tennis player was nicknamed Pepper?

13. To which king of Israel is the Old Testament book Proverbs ascribed?

14. Which remedy against unlawful imprisonment is in the form of a writ requiring a detained person to be brought before a court?

15. What relation was William of Orange to Charles I?

Quiz Answers

1. Contralto

2. Hammer

3. Saturn

4. Sir Walter Scott

5. Bluebottle

6. Self

7. France

8. Jude Law

9. Hawaii

10. Potassium

11. White blood cells

12. Anne Smith

13. Solomon

14. Habeas corpus

15. Groundsman

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