Pot Luck – General Knowledge 45 (30 questions)

Pot Luck 45 - General Knowledge

30 Quiz Questions

1. In Cuba what is a habanera?

2. Which black powder is the oldest known explosive?

3. Who condemned Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego to the Fiery Furnace?

4. Which tribe did Sitting Bull belong to?

5. Sam Snead found fame in which sport?

6. Who was king at the time of the Gunpowder Plot?

7. Which musical instrument did Jack Benny play?

8. Which Latin phrase means ‘in place of a parent‘?

9. Dun Laoghaire is a port and suburb of where?

10. Gerald Durrell was a director of which zoo?

11. Michael Balcon was head of which influential studios?

12. Who wrote a Shropshire Lad?

13. What is the oldest university in the USA?

14. Who was the volt named after?

15. What is the lower house of the US Congress called?

16. Genocide is the destruction of what?

17. In Scandinavian myth what is Gotterdammerung?

18. Which animals’ legs did the Griffin have?

19. Which magazine was famous for its nude centrefold?

20. Which director made Blackmail, Britain’s first successful talkie?

21. How many tournaments make up tennis’s Grand Slam?

22. Which woman aviator did Frederick Noonan perish?

23. In which country was Hitler born?

24. What is a puck made from in Ice Hockey?

25. On which three metals would you see a hallmark?

26. In modern UK currency how much is a guinea?

27. What is a Great Australian Bight?

28. Where in London was the Great Exhibition of 1851?

29. What is HRT?

30. Which canal is also called the gut?

Quiz Answers

1. Dance

2. Gunpowder

3. Nebuchadnezzar

4. Sioux

5. Golf

6. James I

7. Violin

8. In loco parentis

9. Dublin

10. Jersey

11. Ealing

12. A.E. Housman

13. Harvard

14. Alessandro Volta

15. House of Representatives

16. A race or racial group

17. The end of the world.

18. Lion

19. Playboy

20. Hitchcock

21. Four

22. Amelia Earhart

23. Austria

24. Rubber

25. Gold, Platinum, silver

26. £1.05

27. Bay

28. Hyde Park

29. Hormone Replacement Therapy

30. Alimentary Canal

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