Pot Luck – General Knowledge 46 (25 questions)

Pot Luck 46 - General Knowledge

25 Quiz Questions

1. Who had sidekicks called Eric and Tinker?

2. Which physicist was involved in the development of nuclear weapons in the USSR but became a dissident under Communist rule?

3. What type of plays did Georges Feydeau specialise in writing?

4. Which French brothers invented the first films?

5. What does A stand for in GATT?

6. Who had an 80s No 1 with Rock Me Amadeus?

7. Who was boxing’s heavyweight champion throughout the 40s?

8. Who presented News Swap on Multi Coloured Swap Shop?

9. Which musical featured the song When I Marry Mr Snow?

10. In TV ads Shane Richie knocked doors holding a packet of what?

11. What did the W C stand for in W C Fields‘ name?

12. Field Marshal Montgomery became Viscount Montgomery of where?

13. Who first sang the theme music to Heartbeat?

14. Who was Queen Elizabeth II’s paternal grandfather?

15. In which city was Sean Connery born?

16. Where would you see the Dow Jones index?

17. Vehicles from which country yes the international registration letter N?

18. Early in the century who wrote the novel The Lost World?

19. Who was the first person to interview George Michael about his arrest?

20. Which member of the Gibb family made a cameo appearance on Only Fools and Horses?

21. What does the letter F stand for in ASLEF?

22. In which decade did Denmark join the European Union?

23. Which group used a Bond film title for a 1996 top ten hit?

24. In American Football where do the Falcons come from?

25. Which language does the word ombudsman derive from?

Quiz Answers

1. Lovejoy

2. Andrei Sakharov

3. Farce

4. Lumiere Brothers

5. Agreement

6. Falco

7. Joe Louis

8. John Craven

9. Carousel

10. Daz

11. William Claude

12. Alamein

13. Nick Berry

14. George IV

15. Edinburgh

16. Wall Street

17. Norway

18. Arthur Conan Doyle

19. Michael Parkinson

20. Barry

21. Firemen

22. 70s

23. Ash – it was Goldfinger

24. Atlanta

25. Swedish

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