Pot Luck – General Knowledge 47 (15 Questions)

Pot Luck 47 - General Knowledge

15 Quiz Questions

1. Which two planets lie between the Earth and the Sun?

2. The word Shavian refers to which writer?

3. What natural disaster struck Lisbon in Portugal in 1755?

4. What did people of the Ancient World refer to as ‘The Pillars of Hercules’?

5. What was first discovered in February 1851 at Summerhill Creek, Australia?

6. Caroline of Brunswick was the queen of which British King?

7. Who wrote Die Fledermaus?

8. In rugby, the Calcutta Cup is competed for by which two countries?

9. Who wrote Auld Lang Syne?

10. What is signalled when a ship hoists the Blue Peter flag?

11. What did Kirkpatrick MacMillan invent a type of in 1839?

12. Where does voting take place to elect a new pope?

13. At which village near Rochester in Kent was a place of imprisonment for young people founded in 1902?

14. Which metallic element was named after a Roman god?

15. In which country are the Southern Alps?

Quiz Answers

1. Mercury and Venus

2. George Bernard Shaw

3. An earthquake

4. The rocky promontories of Gibraltar on one side and Morocco on the other

5. Gold

6. George IV

7. Johann Strauss

8. England and Scotland

9. Robert Burns

10. It is about to sail

11. Bicycle

12. The Sistine Chapel

13. Borstal

14. Mercury

15. New Zealand

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